About DKJ International

We help organizations and institutions to better understand the impact of blockchain technology on their business. We do so by simplifying processes, reducing costs, and improving security and accountability – all with an eye for the bottom line.
Most companies understand the need to use Blockchain technology, but struggle to implement it. That is why we have created our simple and diverse solutions, which makes it easy to integrate Blockchain technology into your existing business.

We act as an end-to-end partner of blockchain projects from the initial exploratory phase, through the business case construction until solution development and roll-out.

We provide our clients with a complete view of the blockchain-based technology landscape and its potential business implications.
Our global team of experts works with each client to help build smart strategies around effective use-cases, investment and implementation. Blockchain has the potential to drive profound, positive change. As all organizations are unlike we offer a tailored strategy and services to meet your organization’s needs head-on.

Our Mission

To educate our clients and promote blockchain solutions around the world.

Our plan

To sponsor and create projects using cutting-edge blockchain technology – all for the benefit of our clients.

Our Vision

To lead the 4.0 digital revolution by making blockchain accessible to businesses, institutions and private users throughout the world.




Develop your blockchain strategy, from conception to inception.


Get your tailor-made plan – and get results – with our expert team.


Proceed with confidence. Blockchain is trust.



As part of our core services, we provide:

Blockchain strategy assessment and development consulting

Blockchain applicability, business impact and deployment strategy assessment for your business and market.

Blockchain sandboxes

Bringing your project to life, Blockchain Sandbox matches the technical details with the proof of concept while developing proof of value.

Blockchain workshops

DKJ International’s Blockchain Workshops provide your organization or business the latest training and insights to make Blockchain work for you.

Blockchain apps development, solution build & implementation

Once your proof of concept is successful, we conclude the research and start testing and prototype building – and building your solution, block by block.

Blockchain bootcamps

Once you’re in, we develop a special hands-on, advanced training and rapid prototyping Blockchain Bootcamp just for you to help prepare for the next step, the Blockchain Sandbox.

Smart contracts development

Smart contracts automate different processes, procedures, and operations – all designed for your success.


What is a Smart Contract?

What Is a Smart Contract?

Smart contracts are computer protocols intended to improve upon traditional contracts by validating its conditions and enforcing outcomes through code. They are  self-executing, self-enforcing contracts that provide increased security and reduce transaction costs, and are more reliable than regular contracts.

Benefits for businesses

Accuracy and Transparency

Smart contract records all terms and conditions in negotiated detail avoiding the downsides of manually filling. Their terms and conditions are fully visible, accessible and tailored, providing total transparency of the transaction to all concerned parties.

Security, Storage and Backup

Smart Contracts use the highest level of data encryption currently available, making them amongst the most secure items online. As permanent store of records permanently, all data is easily retrievable by authorized parties.

Speed and paperless

As Smart Contracts run on software code, live on the internet and can execute transactions very quickly, saving hours of manually process still so active in traditional business, making them by nature “green” and paperless as they are virtual.


The transparent, autonomous, and secure nature of Smart Contracts removes any possibility of manipulation, bias, or error, as the contract is executed automatically by the network. The usage of Smart Contracts can also significantly reduce the need for future litigation and courts as by using a self-executing contract, the parties commit themselves to the rules and determinations coded.




Our clients and partners are companies, institutions and organizations for whom blockchain is an opportunity with a strategic impact on their business, for whom blockchain offers a tactical opportunity to improve, diversify or optimize current activities, and whose customers have an interest in blockchain technology and smart contracts.


BlockWise, China, March 2019 – present

Blockchain project management, solidity coding, building a private, consortium blockchain, setting up development policies, SDLC analysis and planning for blockchain and traditional web and mobile systems, business development.

MuArts, Portugal, April 2019 – present

Blockchain advisory and consultancy, business development, event coordination.

Itekako, Serbia, January 2018 – present

Software development.

KPMG Global, Budapest, October 2017

Blockchain advisory and consultancy.


BlockSpire, Evershed & Sutherland, Acountia , MuArts



Disseminating and sharing our acquired know-how and experience with our partners and clients is paramount for our positioning as advocates and propagandists of blockchain as a technology to explore and implement.

Crypto Mondays, Chengdu, 25th February 2019

DKJ International was honored to be invited to present and discuss their ideas and projects about the future of Blockchain at the Chengdu Crypto Mondays events, where it was represented by its CEO, José Reis Santos, its COO, Kalman Péchy, and its CTO, Zoltán Peto.

Toa, Berlin, 2 – 5 July 2019

Representing MuArts, DKJ International was at this important multidisciplinary tech, arts and innovation event by its COO, Kalman Péchy and José Reis Santos, DKJ International CEO.

Consciousness Lab Proof of Concept – A Mindfulness Meditation Workshop
Casa Holstein, Sintra, 29 September 2019

DKJ International, together with MuArts, organised in Casa Holstein the first showcase of its Consciousness Lab, a transformational space crossing Yoga, Biometrics, Neurofeedback, Meditation & Blockchain. The event had several immersive experiences, among them sensorial VR, chromatic Yoga, Ayurveda tasting and Mindfulness Neurofeedback meditation sessions. The Consciousness Lab concept integrates Yoga, Biometrics, Neurofeedback, Meditation and Blockchain with the objective to create a truly transformative experience for the user.

1st Trans-Late Festival
Lisbon Underground Village, 28 September 2019

DKJ International was a partner in the organization of the 1st Trans-Late Festival, in partnership with MuArts and the Lisbon Village Underground.
With the aim of creating context for innovation, and working under an ontological and multi-sensory designed, the 1stTrans-Late Festival gathered a set of multi-sensory experiences with global creators, performers and installations where technology and interactivity brought media, tech to music and tech to self.



DKJ International considers important to be an active member of the crypto and blockchain worldwide community and to follow and participate in its main debates and events.



Belgrade, 26-27 October 2018

As a part of the business partnership between DKJ International and Itekaku, DKJ International organized a workshop with István András Seres as our trainer in Belgrade. The 2 full days workshop, attended by seasoned developers, provided a lengthy introduction to blockchain basics, smart contract design and coding.



José Reis Santos

CEO & Founder of DKJ International
PhD in contemporary comparative History

Published contemporary Historian and Political Scientist working on the Era of fascism, the interwar period, Salazar and the Portuguese Estado Novo. Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast and evangelist, advisor, consultant and investor since 2017.

José is a published contemporary Historian and Political Scientist that recently founded DKJ International, a company dedicated to blockchain and crypto assets projects, advisory and consultancy. Over the years José developed a strong network of contacts in international organisations, NGOs, business, IT & startup world, media and think tanks and has extensively published and authored about a broad range of issues in different news outlets. As a (Monty) Pythonian, his motto is: always look on the bright side.

Zoltán Pető

CTO DKJ International

Mathematician by formation, and Maltese resident by choice, Zoltán is a full-stack blockchain developer, project management, blockchain consultant with vast experience in Smart contract development, auditing, White Paper writing and evaluation. His favorite languages and tools are Golang, nodejs, Solidity, Javascript, Python, Hyperledger Fabric, Composer, Tendermint, PHP, SQL, Docker, TDD, SDLC. Zoltán is also a content writer, crypto and web developer and passionate about his family and life. Believes in god, truth and blockchain, and has as motto: The electric light did not come from continuous improvement of candles.

Kalman Pechy

CEO & Founder of DKJ International

Kalman is a dynamic, energetic entrepreneur with strong drive for perfection. The quality of his work is second to none and spans from planning, design, project management and delivery. He has a thorough knowledge of his market, particularly in Asia, which explains how he has built up a rich and effective base of contacts and experiences. His attention to detail and care of his clients are also very commendable. At a very young age he convinced major clients to retain his services and delivered with satisfaction. Kalman is a hard worker, who motivates his team to the same by his personal qualities. Last but not least, he is a fun person, is always informed, loves to get to know people and their drives and cultures. He is passionate about mass adoption of crypto currencies and has been working with Fintech companies specializing in crypto for the last 3 years. Currently he is the founder of DKJ International.




Rua Júlio Dinis n. 2, 1º dto

2685 Portela-LRS

Lisboa, Portugal


Company details:

DKJ International is a brand of Atlantifragments, Lda.

Incorporation date: June 2018