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About DKJ

DKJ understands blockchain. That means greater performance, trust, accountability – and safety – for all your record transactions.

We help organizations and institutions like yours better understand the impact of blockchain technology on their business. We do so by simplifying processes, reducing costs, and improving security and accountability – all with an eye for the bottom line.

Why go with DKJ? Because blockchain:

  • Enables your organization to share information, agree on and record transactions in a verifiable, encrypted and continual manner
  • Contributes to a more transparent relationship between institutions and their users and citizens
  • Is currently utilized by sectors including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, logistics, public records, electoral systems and compliance services.

You / your organization are/is unlike the others. That’s why we offer a tailored strategy and services to meet your organization’s needs head-on. Contact us today.

Our Mission

To educate our clients and promote blockchain solutions around the world.

Our Plan

To sponsor and create projects using cutting-edge blockchain technology – all for the benefit of our clients.

Our Vision

To lead the 4.0 digital revolution by making blockchain accessible to businesses, institutions and private users throughout the world.


As part of our core services, we provide:

Blockchain workshops

DKJ International’s Blockchain Workshops provide your organization or business the latest training and insights to make Blockchain work for you. contact us

Blockchain bootcamps

Once you’re in, we develop a special Blockchain Bootcamp just for you to help prepare for the next step, the Blockchain Sandbox. contact us

Blockchain development consulting

Bringing your project to life, Blockchain Sandbox matches the technical details with the proof of concept while developing proof of value. contact us

Blockchain-based ICO consultancy

Let us assess your company and your idea to draw up a winning, executable action plan. contact us

Blockchain apps development

Once your proof of concept is successful, we conclude the research and start testing and prototype building – and building your solution, block by block. contact us

Smart contracts development

Smart contracts automate different processes, procedures, and operations – all designed for your success. contact us

Business Sectors that use Blockchain

Smart Contracts

What Is a Smart Contract?

Smart contracts are computer protocols intended to improve upon traditional contracts by validating a contract’s conditions and enforcing outcomes through code. Smart contracts provide increased security and reduce transaction costs, and are more reliable than regular contracts.

Benefits for Business

Smart contracts automate different processes, procedures, and operations. The core benefit of smart contracts is allowing your business to bypass the imperfections of governmental and tax regulations.

Smart Contracts use Cases

Blockchain and smart contracts are an innovative way to automate transactions and operations to make them clearer, more effective, and more secure for all participants.

In the future, all public services will use blockchain technology.

Mariya Gabriel, EU Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, April 2018.

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